Connecting Educators - Projects Galore

First meeting of the minds! Here’s a quick taste of some of the projects that’ll be hacked upon, prototyped, discussed and built on the 6th Floor at #MozFest

Marisa from REV- is producing a “Superheros of MozFest” documentary! Help look for and document extreme feats of web making, feeding and leisure habits of web makers, and YOUR personal MozFest Superhero! Share on Twitter using #supermoz or email hello@rev-it.org

Courtney from WNYC Radio Rookies is making How-To Videos. Check out their VOX Pop video and work on building a template for others to make their own how-to videos.

Meredith from MOUSE is looking to build learning artifacts that explain abstract concepts about the web with young people. 

Chrystian from Global Action Project is looking to take their analog media history timeline and turn it into a web tool to help young people support social justice efforts.

Chad Sansing - also a Human API re: interfacing with schools, asks, “In an open society, what would open schools look like? How will teaching, learning and relationships change? 

Andrea from Drexel is looking at webmaking as on-ramp to other technical learning. She’s hoping to make tools to help people learn more easily, and to identify where they need more knowledge. 

Kristin from Beyond Access: Libraries Powering Development is capturing info to bring to the international development community. She’s working on a book too, so find her to tell her about your projects!

Ben from Mozilla is thinking about Summer Code Party 2013, and leading a session tomorrow at 4pm to plan for how to improve events and make them successful for more people.

Carla with Mozilla is here to help build Webmaker projects (today from 2-5pm), and to connect them to badges (tomorrow between 2:30-5:30).

Elyse from The National Writing Project wants to connect developers/technologists to their network of teachers. 

Jack with Hive Fashion wants to talk about what “hacking fashion” looks like online.

Rebecca from the Tate Gallery/Tate Collective is thinking about digital making and bringing expertise to their youth group. She’s leading a fireside chat from 2-3pm this afternoon.

Dorine from Epic (a UK project to get kids coding) is hosting a big event in February and looking for input on how to rock it out! She’s expecting 72 youth and 40 IT mentors. 

Emma, software engineer/web developer/Mozilla ReMo, is interested in sharing what you’re learning on the web with others.