#Hacktivate Highlights - Saturday AM

Chock full o awesome in the Hacktivate Learning space at #MozFest this morning! 

There was a rich discussion about open schools and broken societies. What do we remember as powerful learning experiences and how can we get that back into schools? Chad’s group outlined user experiences, core beliefs, and is planning to continue the conversation. They’re especially interested in input from experts in out-of-school learning as well as developers. 

Another group worked on developing a project to “explain how computers talk to each other to your grandmother.” They created a narrative (here!) with illustrations to explain the technical process, and are now looking for someone this afternoon to help combine the text and illustrations into a functioning webpage. 

Future Webmaker projects in the making for Hive Fashion! Think remixing Burberry runway shows using Popcorn, online paper doll Thimble project and more! 

A bunch of roving reporters have been chronicling the lifestyles and habits of web makers for “Superheroes of MozFest” documentary to screen tomorrow eve! Submit ideas, photos and more to hello@rev-it.org and #supermoz.

MOUSE has been whittling down abstract concepts to teach youth about webmaking. What are the foundational concepts to start with? How do we define the Internet? What are metaphors to help explain the building blocks of the web? Answering these q’s and more.

National Writing Project is working on a new Thimble project, “Web Treasure Hunt for Writing.” More to come as they continue to build it out!

You can find more details on this etherpad

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